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This 3-days course is designed to understand the technique of identifying hazards associated with petrochemicals and other process plans through P&ID drawing examination.

Hazards & operability study (HAZOPS) has been well accepted by modern industries as a powerful risk assessment tool, ever since it evolved in industries in around early sixties. In developed countries, HAZOPS becomes a required feature of legislation. They provide some measure of assurance that the process design being examined will be safe and operable when commissioned.

This course is designed to understand the HAZOPS approach to those professionals who required to initiate such studies and to provide participants with a good overview of its techniques and objective. The coursealso provides an insight into factors, which should be borne in mind of those designing to conduct a HAZOPS study in order to enrich the effectiveness of the study and produce a creative and innovative environment in running the studies.

Why Hazops
A HAZOPis systematic and powerful risk assessment engineering tool to identify hazardous deviations from an original or existing intent.
It can be highlight where scarce capital expenditure can be directed to thoseareas where resources need to be applied to meet company as well as government requirements.

A HAZOP is an ideal medium for process operators and line management to interact with senior management to highlight areas to concern.
A HAZOP can identify where process operability problems exist and hence elimination of such problems can result in improved reliability of plant and cost effective modifications is undertaken.

Who Should Attend
Sr. operators, engineers and managers who are responsible for designing/operating a process plant, which have the potential to create a hazard to people or the environment as a result of fire or explosion, as well as other operability mishaps.

What to cover In The 3 – days course ?

1.Introduction – Why Hazops
2.Objective of HAZOPS
3.HAZOPS methods
4.HAZOPS strength & weaknesses
5.HAZOPS success Factors
6.Plus others introduction to HAZOPS approach

Training Schedule

  • 06 s.d 08 Januari 2015
  • 03 s.d 05 Febuari 2015
  • 03 s.d 05 Maret 2015
  • 06 s.d 08 April 2015
  • 05 s.d 07 Mei 2015
  • 03 s.d 05 Agustus 2015
  • 01 s.d 03 September 2015
  • 06 s.d 08 Oktober 2015
  • 03 s.d 05 November 2015
  • 01 s.d 03 Desember 2015

Time & Venue
Time : 08.00 – 16.00
Venue : Training Center PT. Upaya Riksa Patra, Jl. Pondasi No. 33 E, Kampung Ambon – Jakarta Timur

For Further Information

Ph. 021. 47882387, 47865925, 47861912, 47882794, 4891409
Faks. 021. 47865925 Email. upaya-riksa@centrin.net.id
CP. Vera / Eva / Nisa / Rosma