1. Introduction
    • Materials classification
    • The nature of materials
  2. The Crystalline Structure
    • Basic properties of crystals
    • Nature of a few selected defects in crystals
    • Grain Boundaries and Grain Size in metals and alloys
    • Microscopic evaluation in metallurgy
  3. Mechanical Properties and Testing
    • Tensile Test, Other Strength Tests, Fracture Mechanics, Hardness Test, Impact Test, Fatigue Test,
    • Formability, Friction & Wear and Surface Roughness.
  4. Metallurgy of Phase Diagrams
    • Iron Carbon Equiliberium Phase Diagram
    • Phase Diagram Alloying Element
    • Phase Transformation
    • Micro structure of metal and alloys steels
  5. Industrial Processess
    • Casting
    • Heat treating and treatment
    • Selected surface treatment technique
  6. Polymeric materials specifications and selection
  7. Ceramic materials specifications and selection
  8. Composite materials specifications and selection
  9. Corrosion topics