1. Introduction to the selection of metallic Materials
  2. Factors and Criteria in Materials Selection
  3. Principles of Materials Selections
    • Selection of Ferrous Materials
    • Selection of Non – Ferrous Materials
  4. Design , selection and failure of materials
  5. Performance and materials Selection for Engineering Design.
  6. Laboratory examination of Failure Analysis (Metallurgical Techniques)
    • Methods for Preparing Materials for Experimental Investigations
    • Mechanical Testing
    • Tensile Test
    • Compressive Test
    • Fatique and Creep Test
    • Temperature and Environment Controls
  7. Photography , Micro and Macro Structure
  8. Metallography Microscope
  9. Metallography Specimen Preparations
  10. A Practical Treatment of Sampling and Quality Control Logic
  11. An Introduction to Systematic Methods of Creative Problem Solving
  12. Material Selection Studies (Classification of Engineering Materials)
    • Identification of Materials Properties (Carbon Steel, Alloys Steel, Alumunium, Copper, Stainless – Steel and Cast Iron)
  13. Standard for Engineering Materials (AISI, ASTM, UNS, ASME)