Basic Safety Training Upaya Riksa

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Basic Safety Training K3 PT. Upaya Riksa Menurut America Society of safety and Engineering (ASSE) K3 diartikan sebagai bidang kegiatan yang ditujukan untuk mencegah semua jenis kecelakaan yang ada kaitannya dengan lingkungan dan situasi kerja. Keselamatan kerja di Indonesia diatur … Continued


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BEHAVIOUR BASED SAFETY TRAINING WORKSHOP / TRAINING / DISCUSSION SESSION INTRODUCTION Behavioral safety is the data driven systematic application of psychological research on human behavior to the problems of safety in the workplace it is well established fact that 96% … Continued


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LUBE OIL & GREASE MANAGEMENT Industry Coverage : Dealers Heavy Equipment, Dealers Otomitive, Customers on various Industry, Such as : Oil&Gas, Mining, Construction (Quary,Cement, Contractors), Logistic (Trucking), Transportation business, Forestry &Agriculture (Heavy Equipment Plant Dept/ Div), Manufacturing Industrial that relate … Continued

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